One Walk With You

Can Save My Life

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Help Save a Shelter Dog's Life Conveniently In Your Own Neighborhood!

We want to make it easy and fun for you, your friends, family and neighbors to save lives simply by walking a shelter dog.


Not only can your time commitment be minimal, whether you want to take your dog for a  20 minute, 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute walk, or even a sleepover, but you will also be able to check out your dog with convenience and ease in your very own neighborhood. We believe together with your help we can and will save more lives.

Every dog walker who participates in the Fostershare Pup-Up in the Parks Program will receive a foster me bandanna for their dog and a t-shirt for yourself. You quite literally will be on the front lines, acting as a walking promotion for your shelter dog helping them find their foster or forever home.


Join our dog force in your community, and save lives
with us one walk at a time! 
 Your walk matters.

The Problem

Every day shelters across the nation euthanize hundreds of thousands of animals because they don't have space. Approximately 3.9 million dogs enter the shelter system each year in the USA. Approximately 1.3 million are euthanized.


Chicago has two open admissions shelters, which means they take in every animal that is surrendered by their owner or picked up as a stray found on the streets. Chicago Animal Care and Control alone helps anywhere between 16-20,000 homeless animals and only has about 225 kennel spaces for housing. Shelter dogs are lucky if they get 2 walks a day.


Even the best managed and kept shelters are extremely stressful and isolating for dogs that often times become depressed and very anxious.

Program Goals

To increase the number of long term
fosters for mid-large sized dogs

To increase the number of adoptions
for mid-large sized dogs

To help provide different network exposure to shelter dogs

To make it easy & convenient for people to walk dogs


How It Works?

We recruit dog lovers, like you, to use our web based
app we will share in a future email where you will schedule your walk.

Our mobile Pup-Up Hub is set up at a public park where you come check out your dog.

You check-in at the Pup-Up Hub where they are given swag! Including a T-shirt to wear on the walk, a "Foster Me" bandanna for their  dog, water bowl, treats, a
leash, poop bags and information about the dog for prospective fosters.

You have fun and help your shelter dog get exercise and find their forever home! Yay!


South Suburban Humane Society will be our partner for our Summer, 2020 program in the park. Their mission is finding homes and providing resources for pets in Chicago's South Suburbs and Northwest Indiana for 50 years. South Suburban Humane Society is crucial to helping with homeless animals in the Southern parts of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.
We are partnering with South Suburban
Humane Society because their proximity to the first park, Mt. Greenwood and also because of their progressive leadership towards life saving.

In the future we will be partnering with other shelters that need our help and choosing them based on location of parks we
will be in.

Everyone Benefits

Shelter Dogs

  • Enrichment, exercise, love and attention, getting out of their kennel

  • Exposure to a larger network of potential adopters and fosters 

  • Increases the chance of them being fostered or adopted sooner 

Dog Walkers

  • Make a  significant difference in the life of a homeless dog without the commitments of fostering or adopting

  • Help raise awareness around pet homelessness and promote empathy for animals in your neighborhood

  • Convenient and easy for you to sign up and get involved in close proximity to your own location


  • Increase their number of foster homes

  • Increase their number of adopters 

  • Creates exposure and brand awareness for the shelter

  • Providing the shelter with information about the dog to potential adopters once the dog goes back

Want To Bring This Program To
Your Neighborhood Park ?

  • A $199 gift will contribute to purchasing a van to transport more dogs to more parks

  • A $99 gift will  contribute to the cost of pup-up hubs to run the program in more parks

  • A $15 gift buys a harness for a shelter dog to participate in the program

  • A $12 gift buys a "adopt me" bandanna for a shelter dog to participate in the program

  • A $10 gift buys a shelter dog a leash to participate in the program

  • A $5 gift buys a collar for a shelter dog to participate in the program


The more dog walkers (you all) we have, the more walks we can give shelter dogs that need them, the more fosters homes we will get, the more dogs we will find forever homes, the more shelters we can help, the more lives we can save!

We hope you walk with us and join us in saving lives, one walk at a time.

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