Help Walk a Shelter Dog in The Park!

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A walk in the park

We want to make it easy and fun for you, your friends, family and neighbors to get involved to help.


Not only can your time commitment be minimal but we also will make it as convenient as possible for you to sign-up.
No barriers!

Every dog walker who participates will make direct impact by providing their shelter dog exercise, a break from the stressful shelter and contribute to finding them a home.

So, what do you say? Join our dog force this Summer. 

 Your walk matters.

The Problem

Every day shelters across the nation euthanize hundreds of thousands of animals because they don't have space. Approximately 3.9 million dogs enter the shelter system each year in the USA. Approximately 1.3 million are euthanized.


Chicago has a few open admissions shelters, which means they legally must take in every animal that is surrendered by their owner or picked up as a stray found on the streets. Chicago Animal Care and Control alone helps anywhere between 16-20,000 homeless animals and only has about 300 kennel spaces for housing. Shelter dogs are lucky if they get 2 walks a day. 


Even the best managed and kept shelters are extremely stressful and isolating for dogs that often times become depressed and very anxious.

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Program Goals

To increase the number of foster & adoptions for shelters

To help provide different network exposure to shelter dogs 

To make it fun & convenient for people in our communities to help find dogs homes


How It Works?

We recruit dog lovers, like you to sign-up to walk. 

You will receive an email to sign-up for a slot. We also post walking slots in our community FB Group. They go fast, so be sure to sign-up A.S.A.P!

You check-in at the park.

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South Suburban Humane Society was our partner for our Summer, 2020 program
in Mt. Greenwood Park.

Our program was a huge success, we recruited over 2,000 dog walkers and found 40+ dogs foster and forever homes last year!
We are excited to announce partnership with The city of Chicago, Chicago Animal Care and Control next year.
 We are also potentially expanding to two parks this Summer, Mt.Greenwood Park & Skinner Park in the West Loop.TBA.

Everyone Benefits

Shelter Dogs

  • Enrichment, exercise, love and attention

  • Exposure to a larger network of potential adopters and fosters 

  • Increases the chance of them being fostered or adopted faster

  • They get a chance to be the dog they want to be and not stressed, isolated and/or scared.

Dog Walkers

  • Make a  difference with little commitment

  • Help raise awareness that your dog is a great candidate for foster and/or adoption

  • Get out of the house, and get some exercise

  • Being with companion animals helps with anxiety, depression & increases overall mental health

  • A fun activity to do with your family that costs no money

Shelters OR Rescues

  • Increase their number of foster homes

  • Increase their number of adopters 

  • Creates more exposure and brand awareness for the organization

  • Providing the organization with more information about the dog's personality that helps them get fostered/adopted

  • Provide the organization with professional photos to help better market dogs 

Bring this program
to your park!

  • A $199 gift will contribute to purchasing a van to transport more dogs to more parks

  • A $99 gift will  contribute to the cost of tents to shelter dogs and people in the parks

  • A $15 gift buys a harness for a shelter dog to participate in the program

  • A $12 gift buys a "adopt me" bandanna for a shelter dog to participate in the program

  • A $10 gift buys a shelter dog a leash to participate in the program

  • A $5 gift buys a collar for a shelter dog to participate in the program

  • A $5 gift buys a bag of ice to keep them cool in baby pools


The more dog walkers we have, the more walks we can give shelter dogs that need them, the more fosters homes we will get, the more dogs we will find forever homes, the more shelters we can help, the more lives we can save!

We hope you walk with us!

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