How Can You Help 
During COVID-19?

Fix Chicago’s mission is to help Chicagoland create and sustain a shelter system that saves the lives of ALL healthy and treatable shelter animals by leveraging people within our communities.  


The response to helping shelter animals from Chicagoland during this time has been amazing. Chicago Animal Care and Control and other local shelters have experienced record-breaking foster and adoption rates. While this is great news, there is still work for us to do as we expect more animals coming in the doors over the next few months.

Chicagoland's shelter animals needs us now more than ever, so we have created this page as your hub for all related information and updates. Please scroll down for information on how you can get involved today, including joining our community focused Facebook Group, The Dog FosterShare Project, signing up to be a first time foster, adopting and becoming an emergency foster.


If you have questions please email us at

How Can You Help?



This is a members-only group for Chicagoland animal lovers looking to stay connected with a community of like-minded individuals. It's easy to join:

  • Simply visit the group page and request to join the group. We will approve all requests as quickly as possible. 

  • Read and follow the rules!

  • Visit the group daily for the latest updates and posts from the community.

  • Use this community to advocate for your foster dogs by posting videos/photos, remember, the goal is to get them adopted!

  • Scroll the page daily for updates with new potential dogs available for adoption from our members.

  • Rescues and shelters will use this group to post dogs for immediate pleas for urgent fosters.

  • Encourage your friends who are interested in helping shelter animals to join the group. 

  • Share our content across your own social networks to help raise awareness.



Our city shelter, Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC), needs fosters help to maintain its empty cages so they can focus on our most at-risk animals. This is a great way to help our shelter animals. You can not foster directly from CACC so here's how to get started:

  • Visit @cacctransferteam on Facebook to see their current list of dogs in need of rescue.

  • Click on the photo album "Dogs in need of rescue" to see each dog.

  • Tag yourself on the thread of the dog's photo indicating you want to foster or adopt. E.g., "I want to foster him!"

  • Rescue groups will go here to check to see if there is interest, and if there is a match they will pull the dog and contact you.

  • If you have not filled out rescue foster forms we need you to fill out foster applications. Click on the button below to access the list of rescues.

  • At the very bottom of this page are a list of rescue groups we recommend, but the full list of rescues can be found by clicking the button below.



Have you been thinking about adding a furry friend to the family?  By adopting from Chicago Animal Care and Control, you will help our city shelter free up space for intakes. Adoptions are FREE the entire month of April! Here's how to get started:

  • Please visit @CACCadoptables on Facebook to view photos and bios of the adoptable dogs. Please check daily for new adoptable dogs and updated info on who is available.

  • If you find an animal that you are interested in, please email  with your name, phone number, and the name and ID (A#) of the animal you are interested in.

  • Please visit  for up to date adoptable animals

  • Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible to schedule an appointment; please be patient in light of the increased interested in adoptions.

  • Remember if you are in our Facebook group to scroll the page for adoptable dogs from existing fosters.

Join Our Emergency Foster List

If you are fostering currently for a shelter or rescue, or want to foster in the future please enter your contact information on this list. Your information will be shared with our local shelters if we need emergency fosters in the future!

**You have to be on your computer to enter, if not you will need to download a google forms app for mobile edit.

This only takes 1 minute to do and is SO IMPORTANT!

Please click below to sign up.


Players For Pits, NFP

Alive Rescue

It's a Pittie Rescue

MCP Rescue & Outreach

Fetching Tails Foundation

Lovin Life Rescue

Dogs Are Deserving Rescue


Second City Canine Rescue

Chitown Pitties

One Tail at a Time

Wags 2 Wishes

Peace For Pits Rescue

Animal Heartland Humane
Forget Me Not Animal Rescue,INC

Safe Haven Dog Rescue

All Life is Valuable - senior dogs

Pittie Please Rescue

New Leash on Life



South Suburban Humane Society has a direct foster program. To foster OR adopt, click here. 


For Chicago Animal Care and Controls site, click here.