Help keep dogs out of shelters and in foster homes. Help walk your neighbors foster dog!

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Want to walk a shelter dog and help save a life?

If you're interested in walking a Chicago shelter dog in 
June, 2020 in a neighborhood near you please fill out
the form below. 
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Before, in shelter
After, adopted
Benefits for dog:

1. The shelter dog gets a break from the stressful & isolating shelter where
they sit in their cages alone all day and night

2. The shelter dog gets love, attention & exercise from you
3. The shelter dogs chances of being fostered or adopted increases greatly by being seen with you

Benefits for you:
1. It's easy and convenient to participate in your own neighborhood
2. It's not a huge time commitment to help a dog
3. You temporarily get companionship & love from a dog 
4. You do something that will make a huge difference in the life of a shelter dog
Your participation is crucial to getting dogs out of our shelters. For example, the more walkers we have the more dogs get walks, the more dogs that get walks means the more foster homes they will get, and the more foster homes they get means the more dogs will find forever homes through adoption.
We will be emailing you with details of how it works in
the next few months. 

We are partnering with South Suburban Humane Society for our program from
June-September,2020 in Mt. Greenwood Park!

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