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Who is Fix Chicago?

 Fix Chicago is an all-volunteer grass roots initiative founded to help Chicagoland create a life saving shelter system by building the infrastructure and programs necessary to fill the existing gaps in our local communities.


Our goal is for all healthy and treatable dogs and cats to leave shelters by finding loving homes through foster care and/or permanent adoption, or better yet – never enter a shelter to begin with 


Our mission is to end the euthanasia of all healthy and treatable animals in Chicago and Cook County--including the most at-risk animals entering our shelters. We will do this by:  


  1. Raising awareness for Chicagoland’s shelter system among local communities and city officials

  2. Advocating for progressive legislative activities that seek to save the lives of all treatable and healthy shelter animals 

  3. Developing innovative community-based programs that help reduce shelter intake while also increasing fostering and adoptions


With these efforts working in unison, not only will we keep more animals out of Cook County’s shelter system – we will ensure that there is always space for necessary intakes without having the euthanize healthy and treatable animals. 


To transform Chicago and Chicagoland’s animal shelters and communities into places that show compassion and kindness for all homeless animals while operating under the highest ethical and quality standards. 


Transparency | Community | Education | Justice | Ethical excellence | Knowledge



The only way to truly understand the current landscape of our municipal shelter system and challenges is to gather data and conduct business analysis on key metrics that will enable us to create a strategic plan for the programs that will help reduce shelter intake while also increasing fostering and/or adoptions.


Relationships with our community--including volunteers, nonprofits, activists, city officials, national leaders, animal advocates or pet lovers-- is crucial to the creation of a successful collaborative plan where the people and the pets both benefit.


With education comes awareness, and we believe that people in our local communities -- both city officials and pet lovers -- need to be made aware of the problems and solutions in order to become advocates.


Through the story derived from scientific data, we will be able to develop and provide resources for comprehensive community-centric programs that directly decrease the number of pets ending up in shelters, while increasing the number of pets being fostered or adopted out of shelters, which frees up resources for our open admissions shelters to focus on helping the most at-risk and getting them out alive.


A no-kill resolution and ordinances drafted by highly skilled attorneys--and city officials who support them--are essential to set standards for shelters operated in Chicago and Cook County.