Who is Fix Chicago?

 Fix Chicago was founded with the purpose of helping Chicago and the state of Illinois create and sustain a shelter system that saves the lives of ALL healthy and treatable shelter animals in our communities. Our goal is to engage members of pet loving communities and give residents the chance to conveniently and easily get involved to help us save lives.


 Fix Chicago collaborates with shelters and rescue groups to help fill in programming gaps needed for getting dogs fostered and adopted faster once in the shelter system. Our focus is on foster care and helping our city, state and nation become foster centric. We believe in unbiased decision making and inclusion.


-Raising awareness through local education in neighborhoods through community events

- Involving residents conveniently and easily in life-saving efforts

- Using technology to develop sustainable solutions for the shelter system

- Partnering with the public sector for increased scalability

- Helping shelters implement products and programs that save more lives



We believe in a future where we can keep animals out of brick and mortar shelters.


  • To demonstrate love & respect to all living creatures 

  • To focus on wellness & connection

  • To advocate through hands on programmatic education

  • To promote hope, civic responsibility and faith in communities

  • To support sustainable transformative industry development



The only way to truly understand the current landscape of the Illinois shelter system and challenges is to gather data and conduct data analysis on key metrics that will enable us to create a strategic plan for the programs that will help reduce shelter intake while also increasing fostering and/or adoptions.


Relationships with our community--including volunteers, shelters, rescues, corporations, nonprofits, activists, city officials, national leaders, animal advocates or pet lovers-- is crucial to the creation of a successful collaborative plan where the people and the pets both benefit.


With education comes awareness, and we believe that people in our local communities -- both city officials and pet lovers -- need to be made aware of the problems and solutions in order to become advocates.


Through the story derived from scientific data, we will be able to develop and provide resources for comprehensive community-centric programs that directly decrease the number of pets ending up in shelters, while increasing the number of pets being fostered or adopted out of shelters, which frees up resources for our open admissions shelters to focus on helping the most at-risk and getting them out alive. We strongly believe on using technology to create more sustainable and effective long-term solutions.


With our community parks program we're able to get families out of the house to exercise, while getting
the emotional support of a dog for an hour or two. We believe mental health and wellness is crucial this day in age.