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Meet Archie, Archie had every obstacle possible working against him inside a municipal shelter. He was a senior, he was a pit bull, and he had noticeable red bumps covering his entire body. Archie came into Chicago Animal Care and Control the day before Christmas eve and was overlooked constantly. With his frail demeanor he started shutting down inside his cage and craved affection. Fortunately we found a foster home for Archie by creating visibility about him in our community. Thanks to fosters like Maureen seen in the photos below and our private rescue groups, like Players For Pits, NFP who sponsored Archie, dogs like him are able to get a second chance. Saving lives is a community effort!

Our goal is that by harnessing the power of our local communities we can and will help help dogs leave shelters by finding loving homes through foster care and/or permanent adoption, or better yet – never enter a shelter to begin with. 


Approximately 3.9 million animals enter shelters each year in the USA. 1.3 million of those animals are euthanized because shelters lack kennel spaces to house them.

Learn more about our FosterShare Pup-Ups in The Park Program and how we plan to help increase the number of foster and forever homes for our shelters with people like you!

Because if I could save every shelter dog I would, but since all I can do is make a difference by giving a dog a walk, then this is what I will do! - Deanne W.

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